County Coroners Annual Report

The Coroner’s Office (EPCCO) serves El Paso County by investigating all sudden, unexpected, and non-natural deaths. While many natural deaths can be certified by the decedent’s physician, approximately one quarter of deaths require further investigation to determine cause and manner of death and ensure public health and safety.

Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) 30-10-606 describes the roles and responsibilities of the coroner in investigating deaths. A complete forensic investigation provides the cause and manner of how an individual died. The investigation can assist in settling insurance and estate claims as well as the implementation of civil and criminal actions. Identifying cause and manner of death is a critical component of ensuring public health and safety. The surviving family and general public can have peace of mind that a thorough investigation was completed.

It is the responsibility of the EPCCO to identify the decedent and notify next-of-kin. In many cases, identification and next-of-kin notification can be quickly achieved. However, in cases of burns, extensive injury, or decomposition this can prove more challenging. Our office ensures all leads have been exhausted in pursuit of identification and notification.