The County Coroner is responsible for the certification of all deaths that fall under the Coroner’s jurisdiction.

The Office of the County Coroner is established by the Constitution of the State of Colorado. The Coroner is elected to serve by the citizens of El Paso County.

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Dr. Leon Kelly


(719) 390-2450 Telephone

(719) 390-2462 Fax


The Coroner’s Office

2741 E. Las Vegas St.

Colorado Springs, CO. 80906

Autopsy Report Request

Autopsy reports are public record under the Colorado Public Records Act, 30-10-601. Family may receive a free copy of the autopsy report.

Annual Coroner’s Report

The Coroner’s Office (EPCCO) serves El Paso County by investigating all sudden, unexpected, and non-natural deaths. Click the button below for the annual report.


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