Autopsy Report Request

Autopsy reports are public record under the Colorado Public Records Act, § 30-10-601. There are no charges to request a copy.

If you would like us to send you a report, we require a written or electronic request. This must include your name, relationship to the deceased, name of the deceased, their date of death, your email, and/or your mailing address. If you want a faxed copy, please include a fax number.

Autopsy reports may not be finalized for six to twelve weeks after the initial exam, depending on the nature of the case and any additional testing that needs to be performed. Homicide autopsy reports are not released without written approval from the District Attorney’s Office. Requests can be mailed to the Coroner’s Office, faxed to us at 719-390-2462, submitted via the form below, or emailed to

If the report is already complete, you will receive your copy within a week. If you request the autopsy results for a recent death, please allow six to twelve weeks turnaround time for the report to be finalized and sent to you.

Autopsy Report Online Request

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